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High Pressure Aeroponic System Timer Update

So, after a LONG time of occasional effort, I finished my D-I-Y dual-timer with pressure bypass dump feature project. My objective was to learn what I needed to learn, find the necessary parts and produce this timer design myself. The results are in an article here titled High Pressure Aeroponics IV-A: D-I-Y electronic adjustable nutrient interval timer with end-of-mist 'pressure dump' bypass. My design works well after it is "tuned" (see article) and its two-knob controls are quite convenient to use.

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Apple Cider Wine

So I've spent the summer being too ill to do much of anything, even finish my aeroponics project (see separate article and blog). Trying to keep my brain busy and having a backyard full of old cider apple trees, I decided to learn about making apple cider and wine. After all, once set up, fermentation should pretty much take care of itself, no?

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Aeroponics Project - Last minute blues

A chronicle of last-step assembly, problems and solutions

After a six month journey of researching. learning, designing, searching for parts and building my indoor-garden aeroponics system, I finally got it all completely assembled.

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A history of hobbies

I've always been interested in hobbies that involve research.

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Crafts & Hobbies & More, Oh My!

An initial blog at SBMCrafters...
Hopefully one of many!