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New Three!

Hello... I am another " newbie," having just done M&P for about 5 years now. Am graduating to CP and am a little apprehensive but anxious too. One thing I did want to share-- after much trial and error I finally got my M&Ps to stop sweating. It's kind of a process but it works! I wrap them in saran wrap- tight, within 5 minutes from the time I demold. Then I put them in a ziploc, squeeze as much air as I can out of the bag, throw in a silica gel pack and seal. Then I put them in a big plastic container box with a lid in a room with all doors and windows shut (most days). I have a dehumidifier running a few hours a day and so far, so good. May try eliminating one of the steps eventually but for now it's working so am inclined not to mess with it. Why fix something that ain't broke? Looking forward to lots of great convos here!

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