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New SOAPer Intro & A Calculator Suggestion/Request.


Yay, my wife and I  made our first soap batch last night.  It was a 5lb Lavender recipe kit and it smells wonderful.  It was a lot of fun to have this type of project we could work together on, after all I am invading her kitchen space.  She did banish the LYE mixing to the garage to ensure no damage to her countertops or SS sinks.  Hah, the price we pay as husbands!  

I am excited to try more and can't wait the many weeks for the soap to properly cure.

I found this site today as I searched for a soap calculator.  I think I'll try the Three Oil Soap recipe with leftover ingredients.  And maybe even the Oven cure technique in the hope it speeds things along.

I really thank you for this site, it's information, and the Soap Calculator.  It's the most useful site for understandable technical information and recipes I've found.


But, I have a slightly different need or spin that i'd mention in case you might want to incorporate it into future calculator capabilities.   I have left over amounts of many oils from last night's creation.  Shea Butter, Castor oil, soybean oil, cocunut oil, olive oil, etc.  But I don't know how to use what I have left for new recipes.   Thus, my idea: it would be really cool to find a calculator that allowed you to input the materials you have on hand and have it suggest recipes from those ingredients.

You know, like the websites that ask you what you have in your refrigerator and then helps you find a recipe for dinner!

Does anyone know if this type calculator exists anywhere already?

Hello again. And, Thanks again for a great site.


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