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Hi Everybody:D

My name is Debbie and I am new to soapmaking. Infact, I will be making my very 1st batch tomorrow. I am so excited too. My reason for wanting to make soap is because I am disabled w/ Epilepsy(25 yrs now, was in the military and out with my baby boy. A huge explosin changed my life forever). I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 4 yrs. ago.I also had multiple nodules on my thyroid. So was completely destroyed with radiation. Drs. think the remendous amount of stress I was under is what caused it. My son just got out of the Army(because he could no longer handle war) but he did 5 tours since 03. He lost his best friend 2 weeks into the war. Some may remember the 2nd Blackhawk crash. My son was to be on that flight with Mat. All I can say is I am so thankful to still have my son.

Anyway, thru all the Graves stuff and being bedridden for long periods sometimes, I first decided I wanted to make perfume. I came across soap and other lovely things to make....and could still work with fragrance too. So I began studying. Since, I have been thru alot with my skin and a side effect called Myexedema. It is basically extremely dry skin. No amount of lotion is ever enough. Soap burns me real bad. Now something in the lotions do too.:( Making natural products is so important to me now. As I want this to finally end so I can at least be healthy in this way. I am also hoping that getting away from what dries my skin in these products helps me to feel better. If only a bit.

I prayed back when I got epilepsy, that God would give me something to do, that I would be good at. So I could make a good life for myself. Somehow I feel like this will be it. I have been so happy learning. I watch videos of soapakers all the time. Hoping I can make such beautiful art to enhance other peoples lives too. I saw some melt and pour soaps today that are covered with gorgeous paper. If I am not mistaken, I thought you could embed, say a pic of family or an animal too? Anyway, I REALLY want to make some of those now. I will be staring CP first. Then moving on to CPOP. I was advised to start CP only first. Was a tad bumbed. But am sure the lady knows alot beter than myself.

I had to laugh tonight because there SO MANY "Debbies" who are so succesful in the soap Maybe there will be room for one

I also look forward to learning from all of you too.:D I will have to post a pic later as I have none on here.

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