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Hi name is deb

Hi name is deb and have also make some "changes" in my life.
Moved to another state a few months ago after the death (cancer battle for 9 years) of my baby sister and have promised to finish a book we started together.
Have also had a passion for crafting of many venues..scrap-booking, stained glass etc and have just started making my own shampoo and loved it so much have decided to do soaps and candles as well. Thinking about starting a new business venture soon and am having so much fun with all of this. I do find the information about soap-making so overwhelming though. I feel as though I am jumping around too much....would like to start simple....any suggestions.

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I'd suggest starting with the

I'd suggest starting with the "Three Oils Soap Recipe" available at the blue button bar at the left on this site.

It's the result of investigating fifty 3-oils recipes we found on the net and averaging them out, then rounding the percentages off just a bit.

It makes a quite respectable handcrafted soap and is a good starting point to add other oils, etc to customize your own formulae.

You can buy a pre-mixed quantity from us (when we have it in stock), you can mix your own for each batch, or you can pre-prepare a quantity of three-oils mix and measure it out for each batch as you need it.

If you buy it or prepare it pre-mixed according to our formula you can use the "3-Oils Mix" oil selection in our Soap Calculators and Recipe Resizers to figure just what you need for your molds.

Getting a handle on this first would make getting into quantity soapmaking a bit easier for you.

Good luck to you!

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