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Hi everyone, I'm Delores and

Hi everyone,

I'm Delores and I've been making cold processed soap since 1997. I started making hot processed and liquid soap about 4 years ago. My next venture is cream soapmaking. To everyone that's new to soapmaking I would suggest reading as many soap books as possible and checking out some online soapmaking forums. When I first started there were very few people to get advice from but now there are so many places to look. If you can take a class, have someone show you how it's done or watch a video, that would be worth your time. 

To Felice, I can say that we have all probably had to start over at some point in our lives. I know I have restarted my business a couple of times and am now in a revamping stage. The point is to get up dust yourself off and get back out there. If this is your passion, don't give up because it will happen for you. I was in the Bath & Body Works store today and it was extremely crowded. A good indication that the bath & beauty products industry is surviving. So just hang in there.

I love your site and people I know have said some nice things about you.

Delores Harris

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