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Hello, I am Becci, I live in

Hello, I am Becci, I live in the Ozarks of Arkansas.  I made my first batch of soap out in the country with a group of women, several years ago.  The lady teachinig us has since moved to Australia and then to Central America... cool huh!! Anyway, I have been meaning to get busy and make more soap, but have not found the time to do so.  I have a lot of supplies stored up, I just need to get them put together and make some really awesome soaps!

I do have a question, though, I heard that in order to add essential oils or any type of fragrance to the soap it has to be melted down after it cures and then the oils/fragrances can be added.  Is this so?  Is that because the lye will 'eat' away the fragrance?  (I can't think of a better word there, sorry.)  I would like to add essential oils at some point in my soap making journey.

Thanks for being here and I hope to be able to post some photos .... soon!


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Hi Becci Adding scent

Hi Becci

Adding scent material by remelting done soap & then stirring the scent in would be ideal (& the only way if one's dealing with melt & pur soap), but tough to do with solid handcrafted soap. It's ok to add scent stuff when the new soap batter has reached 'trace' and is ready to pour into your mold. By then the majority of saponification has happened and the pH is no longer so extremely alkaline as at first addition of lye-water.

Be careful & work quickly at this point because some scent materials will suddenly accelerate saponification and you'll need to pour into your mold quickly before it 'sets up' in your bowl.

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