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Hello all. My name is Fred

Hello all. My name is Fred Keefer. I have been making soap for about five years: starting as a hobby and after I retired again, selling at craft shows and in shops for about one and one-half years. I make cold process bar soaps using a six oil blend that I formulated. I also make shaving soap, saddle soap/artist's brush cleaner and 100% pure Castille soap. I have found that I can sell my soaps at a much more reasonable price by using fragrance oils as opposed to esential oils. I am currently working on a laundry soap recipe. I don't know if it will eventually be liquid, cream or powder. I am starting with a zero superfat simple bar soap recipe. As you might tell I love making and discussing soap. I have even had the privilege of doing a couple of soap making demonstrations. The Texas sun does an excellent job of warming my oils most of the year so I guess you could say it is a solar powered soap business. 

To the newbees I say don't be discouraged when, not if, your soap batch turns out to be a botch. It has happened to us all. Just pay very close attention to the details when making your soap. Measure/weigh carefully. Have your water moving (stirring) as you add lye. Have your oils moving (stirring) as you add your lye water. Doing those three things will eliminate a LOT of botched batches. Soap making is a lot of fun and can be a lot of work. Enjoy.


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