Citric Acid

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Aka:  Na2B4O7:10H2O, "Borax Decahydrate, '10 Mol'"
(Sold as powder, safety-packed in special "Chemical Jars" with pull-off seal and child-resistant "squeeze release" tops and in "Saver Pack" slide-lock bags for households without small children)
For Solid Soaps: Not recommended for use in solid soapmaking as superfatting controls pH.
Note: Citric Acid has a pH in solution of 3.2, making it a potential eye irritation hazard. Handle with care and use appropriate eye protection.
For Liquid Soaps: Use Citric Acid to carefully adjust ("neutralize") liquid soap's alkalinity (pH) downward while leaving minimal salts load in your soap. Citric Acid is a fairly strong acid and is most suitable for large liquid soap batches as it provides no buffering action in use and therefore is quite "touchy" to use. We recommend use of a pH meter when using Citric Acid for neutralization.
For Bath ProductsCitric Acid is an essential ingredient, along with Sodium Bicarbonate, in making handcrafted Bath Bombs. Together, they provide the "fizz" you're looking for.
For Other UsesCitric Acid is used in handcrafted textiles dying processes.
Shipping & Availability: NO extra "hazmat" charges apply.
(Not packaged for food uses or internal consumption)