Chemical Splash Safety Goggles

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Chemical Splash Safety Goggles - SBMCrafters Soapmaking Supplies
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For Solid or Liquid Soapmaking: Best eye protection. Protect your eyes from dangerous caustic solutions. Chemical Splash Safety Goggles are specifically designed to stop liquid splashes. An example pair of lightweight nitrile gloves are enclosed, also.

A safety note... Read this!
Lye dissolving in water releases considerable heat - Almost enough to bring room temperature water to a boil. Therefore, be sure to mix your lye with cold water only and be sure to carefully pour your lye into your water, not the other way around. Always wear proper eye protection, wear protective gloves and work near a source of running water for rinsing when creating, pouring or handling a lye solution.
Always remember...
Proper procedures and safety measures are a must
whenever making handcrafted soap.
Learn how before you start!