Avocado Oil

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Avocado Oil - SBMCrafters Soapmaking Supplies
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For Solid Soaps: May be used for superfatting solid soaps. Produced from the soft flesh of the avocado fruit.
For Liquid Soaps: A light, soft oil well suited for use in making liquid soaps.
For Body Care Uses: Used in massage oils, creams, lotions and hair products. A light, emollient and highly penetrating oil with natural Vitamins A and E content, making this oil healing as well as moisturizing.
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and heat. Avocado oil has an approximate unopened shelf life of 12 to 18 months.
Melting point: 0 deg. F.   SAP Value: KOH: .188 NaOH: .133
(Cosmetic grade source, not packaged for internal consumption